Welcome to my home page. I am an acoustic guitarist from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  
    I play acoustic instrumental arrangements in a variety of styles, including: Classical,
    Brazilian Jazz, Celtic, Spanish/Flamenco, Fusion (a blend of Jazz and Rock) and

    I have several hours of instrumental arrangements, mostly my original compositions. I
    play a classical nylon string Spanish guitar and a steel string guitar in alternate tunings.
    I play as a soloist and in several duos with other musicians.  

    My style of guitar playing is often referred to as "fingerstyle guitar", which is a technique
    that usually involves playing the melody, harmony, chords, bass lines, and additional
    added color of a song all at the same time.

    Like many other Fingerstyle guitarists, my music is influenced by many different
    cultures and therefore it is sometimes referred to as World Fusion, Adult Contemporary
    or New Acoustic Music. What is central is the creation of a mood or atmosphere.
    Instrumental music often paints a picture in your mind and can take you on an
    imaginary voyage.   Please listen to some of my songs in the player below.

    Instrumental guitar music is perfect for many occasions, such as
    background  ambiance at dinner parties and restaurants,
    weddings and receptions, art galleries, house concerts and
    patio parties.  The music  creates an atmosphere that encourages
    conversation and relaxation.  People can relax and listen, or have
    conversations without having to raise their voice to be heard over the
    music. Fingerstyle Guitar music is also great concert music especially
    when techniques are used, such as altered tunings, harmonic slaps and
    two handed tapping.

    Unlike pre-recorded music, an experienced instrumentalist can make
    the volume and intensity of the music match the changing moods of an

    Please see my BIO section for more information and for a list of
    venues I have played locally in and around Albuquerque.
(505) 331-3047
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