As a teenager, I was fascinated by Spanish Classical guitarists
    and began taking classical guitar lessons in 1970.  I eventually
    began playing electric guitar and bass in rock and jazz bands
    and started writing original  songs.   

    I came full circle in the late 1980's when I heard Michael
    Hedges play and rediscovered how amazing acoustic guitar
    can sound and how challenging and rewarding it is to write,
    play and record acoustic instrumental arrangements.   Since
    my return to acoustic music, I have played in small acoustic
    groups but for the last several years I have performed mostly
    as a soloist. My goal is to play music that touches people
    emotionally. To do that, the music must first touch me
    emotionally. It is tempting to learn "filler" songs just to take up
    more time so you can play longer gigs. I have made a decision
    however, to never play filler music. I want every piece of music
    I play to be one of my favorite arrangements. When you have
    this attitude, it takes a lot longer to get several hours worth of
    music, but it is well worth the wait. It is always fun to entertain
    people, but there is nothing like playing a song that really
    touches someone emotionally and takes them on an imaginary
    voyage for a few minutes. My ultimate musical goal is to play
    music that both entertains people and touches them deep

    I play both a classical guitar and a steel string guitar. The
    classical is usually kept in standard tuning but the steel string
    is mostly played in altered tunings.   

    The following list shows some of the venues in and around Albuquerque where I
    have performed Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Music:

       Hyatt Regency downtown - Lobby Lounge and Sunday Brunch,
      Hyatt Tamaya resort
      Tucanos Brazillian Grill
      Rio Bravo Restaurant
      Anderson Valley Vineyards jazz on the patio
      O'Neils Uptown
      Flying Star on Rio Grande
      Cafe Manzano
      Sol Y Sombra in Santa Fe
      Blades Bistro - Placitas
      St. Claire's Winery
      Albuquerque Summerfest, Nob Hill
      Thirsty Ear Festival - Eaves Movie Ranch, Santa Fe

    Weddings, Receptions, Business Lunches, Private parties at:  Petroleum Club, Tanoan Country
    Club, Casa Vieja, Prairie Star, Gruett Winery and various art galleries.